Wiggins Law Firm, LLC is committed to providing quality services in the highest tradition of excellence.  Each day we  uphold the ethical, moral, and legal principles that have been set by the Alabama State Bar Association and the United States of America.  This is a firm of integrity, principle, and superb legal talent of whose service and dedication may be assured of for many years to come.

Wiggins Law Firm, LLC exists today as an “incubator practice” of sorts.  Since Sam began his private practice in 1994, he has routinely brought in recently graduated law  
students to help them prepare for the bar examination and to build their own private practice of unparalleled service and moral ethics.  Now he serves as a coach to new attorneys and at times has given office space, legal resources, and supplies for aspiring attorneys.  

The vision of this firm is to serve as a model and a testament of how we must share our talents and gifts without fear of being surpassed in that gifting.   
In 2001, Wiggins Law Firm, LLC was the first African-American firm in the Birmingham community to consistently use television advertising to generate personal injury business.   Our goal is to recover for the client all damages loss (wages, physical body impairment, personal property, etc.) due to an accident.

On-going communication is given to all personal injury clients.  Such communication with clients has lent to their increased trust and confidence in the members of the Firm as well as referrals.  Our clients include individuals injured in an accident and medical practitioners who refer injured patients to the Firm.
The Firm represents individuals in matters relating to devising and implementing wills, codicils, trust instruments and counseling relative to estate planning.
The Firm represents small businesses and government agencies in matters relating to incorporation, dissolution, contract negotiation, licensing, and general business advice.
Since 1994 the Firm has represented purchasers, sellers and lending institutions on matters pertaining to commercial and residential closings, finance, title and condemnations.  Representation for lending institutions include: mortgage companies, banks, federal and local governments who provide seed monies; real estate agencies, and individuals purchasing or selling real estate property.
The Firm manages its case load by cross training its staff and using a broad base of legal experts and technologies for research.   On a case-by-case evaluation, the Firm collaborates with other attorneys to provide  quality representation.
Wiggins Law Firm, LLC maintains a civil litigation practice in Birmingham.   The Firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants.  Included in its practice are diverse areas such as fraud and personal injury cases.  The Firm’s commercial law practice has included such matters as business and corporate structuring, fraud defense, and other contract and tort disputes.  The Firm also served as co-underwriter’s counsel on a bond issue for the Birmingham Water Works Board.
Attorney Samuel Wiggins, III
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Birmingham, AL 35205
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